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Longtime Instructor at Towson Y Wows Students at Age 73

Originally published in the Towson Times on June 21, 2017. “Curl. Roll. Give me first position, legs at 90 degrees. Now 60. Thirty." For an hour, the diminutive Pilates instructor at the front of the packed class calls out commands in a loud and controlled voice. While instructing and bellowing messages of encouragement to the class, she demonstrates each exercise in perfect form, even as participants occasionally wince, flounder or flop on their mats in exhaustion. At 73, Towson resident Barbara Schuler is older than most of the exercise enthusiasts she's been instructing at the the Y in Towson for the past 35 years. But it's clear that she's not slowing down. Just ask Erin Rothwell, a 40-year-old Towson mother of two who works out daily, was a college athlete and considers herself in fairly decent shape. The first time Rothwell walked into a Friday morning barre class (a low-impact form of exercise that combines principles of Pilates, yoga and ballet) at the YMCA and

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