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Teens seem to be taking longer to grow up. One reason? A closer bond with their parents.

Originally published on September 4, 2019 on My 17-year-old son routinely walks to Chipotle, about a mile away. He cuts lawns in the neighborhood, eliminating a commute to his summer job. When he goes out socially, he rides with friends or takes Uber. He was registered for driver’s education last summer, but had a scheduling conflict with a baseball tournament. The tournament won out. My son is by no means the only teenager who remains firmly rooted in the passenger seat. In 1983, almost half of the nation’s 16-year-olds carried a valid driver’s license. By 2014, less than a quarter did, according to a study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. Experts say driving is not the only adult activity that today’s teens are approaching with greater ambivalence than their counterparts in previous generations. “The whole developmental trajectory has slowed,” says Jeanne Twenge, author of “iGen.” This trend, which cuts across demographics,

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